Our government is determined to provide FREE EDUCATION to its citizens. However, for this opportunity, the influx of enrollees made our laboratory fully-booked. To our desire to cater interested students/trainees, we are offering this online CBLM support to be studied by the learners while waiting for their laboratory schedule - to maintain the quality of training.

Trainees/students who availed this online support CBLM are officially enrolled in the Center and met all the requirements needed for proper documentations and issuance of corresponding certificates and other provisions.

About This Support CBLM

In responding to the challenge resulted from the opportunity given by the government and the overflowing number of interested candidates for enrolment, the Head Trainer of the Diploma of Information Technology (DIT) dept., Mr. Mario dela Cerna, piloted this "Online Support CBLM (Competency-Based Learning Materials)" to manage the availability of the DIT workstations properly and in maintaining the quality of training behind the influx of interested students/trainees.

This is NOT a full online course, rather parts of the whole qualification wherein bonafide enrollees will study this online CBLM and given tasks while waiting for their laboratory schedule. Upon their schedule, assigned tasks will be implemented in actual situation then the teacher/trainer will connect and facilitate learning to complete the session's competencies and instruct what to do for the next session (for online and actual session).

NOTE: Full e-Learning packages deployed over the department's LMS Intranet server are available and can be accessed in every PC of the DIT dept. and can also be accessed over smartphone and tablet via Wi-Fi connection.